The Experience

Listening to a plant “play” or “sing” live is both magical and captivating. Imagine an ensemble of plants, either on a stage, or out in the natural environment, accompanied by live musicians on a variety of instruments, creating a unique musical installation that flows directly from the green world surrounding us.

Peter first became aware of the possibility of harvesting the music of the plants in late summer 2016. His first and immediate response was that he needed to learn more about that! The idea of making music with tunes that had originally been created by plants was irresistible. Peter went on to make 2 CDs: “In A Garden Of Sounds”, an eight piece work including the sounds of moss, orchids, succulents, geraniums, amongst others; and an hour long piece using the sounds of a Night Blooming Cereus plant, that is being used by healers, yoga practitioners and for meditation.

“Creating the music in collaboration with the plants encouraged me to learn about the remarkable work being done into Plant Consciousness. It opened my eyes to a world I knew very little about and made me look at the green world, that perhaps we often take for granted, in an entirely new light.”

The Vision

His own musical training with the koto in Japan, as well as his fascination with synthesizers and generative music has motivated Peter to create a plant and human ensemble that will share the magic of the experience with audiences of all ages. It is our intention to create immersive musical events that will transport an audience beyond the humdrum and enable them to tune out some of the pervasive noise of the world and focus on quieter, more harmonious sounds. Through the understanding that the music they are listening to stems in part directly from our green cousins, the audience will be encouraged to forge deeper connections with the natural world.

Our dream for the future of The Green Ensemble is far-reaching. As we look forward we will take the experience into schools, hospitals and hospices. With the right technology the experience can be created almost anywhere: not only in conventional performance spaces, but also on beaches, in city parks, by mountain lakes and in deserts.

The Purpose

We live in a world where our connections to ourselves, each other and the natural world around us are often distorted and under enormous pressure. The aim of The Green Ensemble is to create a unique musical space, whether for a public audience or for listeners in their own homes, to reconnect on a deeper level with themselves and the world around them.

We communicate energetically with the world every minute of every day but that communication can often unknowingly be centered around fears and concerns. With The Green Ensemble, the magic of the musical connection is experienced at the heart level thereby spreading the power of healing through music further out into the world.