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“Contemplative, calming, restful, restorative…first words coming to mind in listening to Peter Coates’ lush and lovely new album In a Garden of Sounds. If a central tenet of Brian Eno’s ambient music has always been “to induce calm and a space to think,” such a thoughtful and calming space is instantly created and sustained in moving through the various pieces on this album, with its moments of textured arrangement, mystery and hints of magic, approaching, just beyond some faintly sensed horizon. Eno certainly comes to mind in listening to In a Garden of Sounds (his On Land, in particular), but also the disintegrating loops of William Basinski (Garden of Brokenness) and the delicate piano of Peter Garland (The Days Run Away). As with those, there is a sense in Coates’ In a Garden of Sounds of locations created within its delicacies of sound, seasonal tones passing cloud-like, insect-like, in their shifting temporal formations and dissipations, abstract terrains that still feel placed in time, as if remembered, gently haunted.”
—Clark Lunberry, University of North Florida

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Dimensions 14 x 12.7 x .5 cm


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