Get closer to experiencing what the plants are saying. Hidden within the plants are vibrational sounds that are outside our ability to hear.

In recent years research into plant communication has advanced exponentially. Since the 1973 book, “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, our understanding of the many ways in which the living green entities  around us interact with each other and with their environment  has entered the mainstream of scientific enquiry. A casual internet search reveals the breadth of work on the subject.

Del Orloske is a Sustainable Land Planner and Designer and Environmental Consultant. He has been working with the natural world for decades and together he and Peter offer multimedia events which explore and educate audiences on the subject of plant consciousness, plant awareness, plant signaling, call it what you will.

During one of these events, you will:

• Experience the magic of hearing a plant play “live” through an interpretive synthesizer.

• Listen to Del give an audiovisual presentation of his knowledge of plant consciousness gained
from his years of working with them and the latest research in the field.

• Hear Peter describe his work with the music of the plants, how he creates his musical collaborations with nature.

• Be treated to a live performance of Peter accompanying the music of the plants with his koto.

• Ask questions and share experiences with the audience.

The goal of these events is to engage with audiences of all ages, to offer an immersive, educational and artistic exposure to the wonder of the green world that surrounds us, shed a little light on some of its mysteries and encourage a new way of looking behind the green veil.


Using plant generated music, our coaching programs explore our deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us..

We explore plant consciousness and how using the magnetic fields of our heart allows us to connect more deeply with one another and nature as a whole. We use a variety of exercises, music and guided meditations to deepen the experience of coherence with ourselves and the environment and we move through blocks that prevent us from a deeper connection to all aspects of our life.


In a Garden of Sounds – being used by energy workers, yogis, and teachers to enhance the benefits of their work.

In a Garden of Sounds is an interpretation of the data generated by the electrical frequencies emitted by plants and converted into audio signals by a specially designed synthesizer. The original recordings were harvested from an assortment of plants and flowers including orchids, begonias, geraniums, mosses, a star succulent, a gold dust croton plant and a Norfolk pine tree.